PVC Recycling Plant

PVC recycling plants can treat waste PVC such as PVC pipe, PVC profile, PVC floor, PVC carpet, etc. The PVC recycling plant process includes shredding, crushing, and pulverizing. PLC intelligent system realized high automatic, the whole line just needs 1-2 man to operate. With over 20 years of experience in recycling, wanrooe not only mastered the key technology but also improved machine designs to address specific product features. wanrooe offers PVC recycling plants that are high output and low energy consumption.

SPC Floor Recycling Machine

What is PVC waste?
We know that there are many PVC plastics in our lives. Long-term use of such materials will inevitably cause aging or damage. This kind of PVC plastic can be recycled, so it can be recycled when it is worn out.
PVC waste includes PVC Pipe, PVC profile, PVC door, PVC window and door profile, PVC foaming board, PVC roofing sheet, PVC wall panel, PVC edge band, PVC marble Sheet, SPC floor, WPC floor, PVC floor, etc.

PVC Pipe Recycling, PVC Window Door Profile Recycling, PVC Board Recycling, PVC Sheet Recycling, PVC Edge Band Recycling Plant

PVC waste recycling process:
After the PVC waste is crushed by PVC crusher, PVC plastic particles of 3-8mm can be obtained, and then these PVC plastic particles are stored in the silo, and the powder is ground by a PVC mill, and the mesh number of the PVC powder can be controlled through a screen, which can generally reach 10-100 mesh; Generally, the dust of PVC waste is relatively large, and pulse dust catcher can be selected, which mainly uses high-pressure gas to form a recoil airflow to achieve the dust removal effect.


PVC Recycling Plant Video:

Main Equipment:


Plastic Sheet Crusher, Plastic Profile Grinder, PVC Sheet Grinder, Plastic Plate Crusher, Plastic Crushing Machine PVC Powder Making Machine, PVC Pulverizer, PVC Miller, PVC Grinder, PVC Milling Machine
PVC Crusher:
PVC crusher machine is a new kind of crushing machine used for crushing plastic profiled material with large hardness and tenacity. It is improved and extended on the basis of tradition crusher. Wind motor is arranged for the transport of broken material, start-up device is arranged. The operation and maintenance & repair are rather simple. It is an ideal model for crushing all sorts of pipe material and profiled material.
PVC Pulverizer:
PVC pulverizer adopts a rotor blade design to pulverize waste PVC material into power for recycling. It is widely used for recycling waste PVC ceiling panels, PVC wall panels, PVC profiles, PVC pipes and so on.


We have focused on plastic recycling for 20 years. We provide a complete recycling program for PVC waste. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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