Tire Recycling Machine

The waste tire recycling machine is separated from the inner steel wire and fiber of waste tires through a variety of technologies, and rubber particles are grinded into powder. Its advantage is that the waste tires can be recycled into rubber particles/powder, and the available state is 100%. There is no second pollution in the process of production. Restoring waste tires is indeed a recycling method, called long-term development.

Tire Recycling Machine

Why do we need to recycle tires?
The importance of recycling tires lies in their ability to save resources, reduce environmental pollution, and promote innovative applications. By recycling old tires, we can reduce the demand for new rubber, lower production costs, and reduce the pressure on natural resource extraction.


How to recycle tires?

Waste tire recycling line consists of tire broken machine host and auxiliary machine two parts. Auxiliary equipment: Tire Wire Drawing Machine, Tire Cutter Machine(Optional according to tire size), Conveyor, Magnetic Separator Machine, and other components.


Tire Recycling  Machine Process Flow:

NO Process Machine Description
1 Pull the steel wire out of the tire Tire Wire Drawing Machine Tire Wire Drawing Machine can pull the steel from bear inside the tire completely, then, the tyre will be easily crushed and cut.
2 Cut the tire(Optional) Tire Cutter Machine If the tire size is too large, you can use the Tire Cutter Machine to Pre-cut it.
3 Shred tire into the block Tire Shredder Tire shredder can be used to shred used tyre into 25mm to 152mm(1”-6”) rubber chips.
4 Break the rubber block smaller and separate the steel wire Tire Crusher Special tire scrap crushing blades can separate the truck scrap steel wire easily.
5 Strong Magnetic Separator to remove the steel wire( first time) Magnetic Separator Separate steel wire from rubber.
6 Grind the rubber block into powder Rubber Miller Grind rubber powders to 30-120 Mesh free of steel wire and Fiber.
7 Strong Magnetic Separator to remove the steel wire( second time) Magnetic Separator Remove any remaining fine wire.
8 Separate rubber powder and fiber Fiber separating System The main application of the classifier is to divide input powder into light and heavy parts under the conditions of negative pressure and sealing.


Tire Recycling  Machine Components:

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Rubber Pulverizer,pulverizing of rubber,waste tire rubber pulverizer,rubber pulverizer mill Fiber separating System

Tire Recycling  Machine Technical Features:
1. To granulate waste tires into fine rubber powder with steel and fiber completely recycled at ambient temperature.
2. The high purity of rubber powder is 99%.
3. Low energy consumption and good performance-cost ratio.
4. High auto immunization, fewer labors requirement.
5. Unique design, high output and long service time.
6. Inline has dust remover, equipment running pollution-free, and meeting the environmental requirement of the government.
7. It is controlled by automatic PLC, with easy operation and high efficiency
9. Our tire shredders Use a planetary reducer, not a traditional gearbox, and the planetary gearbox has the following advantages: High Efficiency, Greater Stability, Compact Size, Higher Torque Density, Cost-Effective Precision, High Radial Loads.


Tire Recycling  Machine Application Areas:
•Paving sports ground: Runway, school sporting field, garden path, bowling alley, pavement, recreation field, basketball field, etc.
•Automobile industry: Train’s floor, disc silk ribbon for braking, the soleplate of automobile and truck, shake sleeve, seal stripe, buffer, shock absorber, daily material for ocean shipping, tyres and inner underlay of tyres, etc.
•Architecture and equipment: Adhensive/sealant, floors of hospital, company, insulated rubber material, carpet cushion, grass cushion for the family animal, extruded products, module products, coating, bricks, thin slice, water-proof material, etc.

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