Solve The Plastic Pulverizer Machine Does Not Start


Recently a user called to respond to a situation, the morning ready to open the work, suddenly found that the plastic pulverizer machine can not start normally, this is how? Can not start normally related to our economic benefits, but the majority of users do not need to be anxious, wanrooe machinery immediately to give you advice, in the face of such problems we how to solve it?

Solve the plastic pulverizer machine does not start

Usually, in the production process, starting the plastic pulverizer machine is in accordance with the fixed procedure to start, should first check whether all the access doors are tight, whether there is debris in the machine, etc., adjust the fan and the host steering.


Next, check whether the equipment exhaust valve is in the fully open position, check whether the screws, etc. are loose. After doing all the preparations according to the ‘start’ hoist – crusher – analyzer – fan – host – feeder smoothly open the machine. But if you do not follow the normal start-up procedure to start the equipment will cause some damage to it, and if the troubleshooting is not done, the machine is mixed into the debris, the exhaust valve is not fully open, it will cause the plastic pulverizer machine in the process of work due to overload or object jamming and accumulation of ash plugging, equipment start-up smoothly upside down and some other human factors will also cause harm to the plastic pulverizer machine and plastic grinding equipment.

In addition, it is also important to determine the voltage stability before starting, the voltage should be lower than the rated voltage of the motor, but not too much lower than the rated voltage value, otherwise, there will be voltage instability, when the plastic pulverizer machine equipment work, will burn the equipment. In addition, during the operation of the equipment is strictly prohibited any adjustment, cleaning or overhaul work, is strictly prohibited from peering into the machine from the upper part of the plastic pulverizer machine cavity operation.


If you encounter difficult problems in the process of using the plastic pulverizer machine, welcome to call us for advice.