Heavy Duty SPC PVC Hammer Grinding Machine


Heavy Duty SPC PVC Hammer Grinding Machine Description:

In the industry, we usually deal with large pieces of materials, such as PVC foam board, hollow board, transparent sheet, etc., which need to be crushed into larger particles by hammer crusher, the particle size is coarse, usually more than 8 mm, and there is a certain gap between the crushed parts, after which the larger particles need to be finely ground into powder again by grinding machine and then fused, the process is complicated, and it costs many machines and equipment.

In order to solve the above problems, wanrooe has developed an integrated hammer grinding machine, which can directly grind large pieces of materials into powder, with simple procedures and easy operation.

The PVC SPC hammer grinding machine is developed by our company and adopts imported SNK bearings, which can be applied to SPC flooring, PVC water pipes, profiles, buckle boards and other materials with low requirements on plastics, reducing the production cost of customers from crushing to grinding again. After crushing and grinding, the mesh number is about 10-25 mesh, which reduces the pollution to the environment than crushing and then grinding.


Heavy Duty SPC PVC Hammer Grinding Machine Video:

Heavy Duty SPC PVC Hammer Grinding Machine Features:
Combined with the often crusher and mill, the crushing and grinding process is simple, advanced principles has reasonable structure, sturdy and practical, has high output, convenient knife change, is easy to operate, and improves the output of powder.
It is mainly used for crushing SPC flooring, PVC foam board, hollow buckle board, transparent sheet, plastic film and other industries.

Reasonable design and compact structure, high efficiency
Adopt PLC program control system, the motor overload can automatically forward and reverse, so that the machine runs stably

Less energy consumption, high output, good quality of crushed products
Generally, handle unprocessed raw materials or trimmings

Easy to disassemble, easy to clean and maintain
The knife seat and blade on the rotor can be disassembled, easy to clean and maintenance

Strong cutting force, low noise, high torque
The main shaft is driven by gear reducer, smooth running


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