The Reason For Plastic Pulverizer Stick Pulverizer Blade


The material grind by a vertical plastic pulverizer mill under stable working conditions should be equal to the material discharged by the grinder. Due to some reason (particle size increases, feeding amount increases, etc.) so that the amount of material given into the grinding machine becomes larger, which exceeds the allowable capacity of the grinding machine itself and can not be discharged. It gradually accumulates in the grinding machine, and the temperature increases and the melting point of materials become low. It is the plastic mill that loses the grinding effect, and the phenomenon of sticking the knife appears.

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The harm of sticking knife of plastic mill mainly has several aspects, not only makes grinding lose the grinding effect on plastic, grinding ability is reduced, destroying the stable work of grinding, but also processing sticking knife will cause the fluctuation of quality fraction and fineness in the follow-up operation, affecting the normal operation of sorting. In addition, severe adhesive can cause damage to the mill. For example, grinder type PE mill stick knife is serious, large pieces of plastic and building materials will be crushed from the feed and discharge mouth spit out, only feed follow-up no finished materials back. Knife disc type PVC mill has a large amount of entrapping with block poured out from the inlet. Especially closed millwork, two kinds of flour mill can make a lot of material and material entering the mill back indoors, lead to large pieces of material in the mill interior strong impact, damage to the cutter head and spindle, cause loss of rotor blades and the spindle fixed screw deformation or fracture, destroyed the mill chamber and main shaft concentricity, serious when leading to intense vibration mill or beating, Bearings can be damaged by impact loads. Therefore, in the operation of the mill is must follow the correct operation process and steps, to avoid the occurrence of sticking knife failure.