Three nature of the material affect the efficiency of the plastic pulverizer


The work efficiency of plastic pulverizers directly affects the final economic income, so how to improve the efficiency of work has always been a problem that many users care about. Its performance will affect its efficiency. This is what we all know. In fact, the nature of the material also affects the efficiency of the plastic pulverizer.

First of all, the purity of the material will directly affect the working efficiency of the plastic pulverizer. When the material contains more impurities, the impurities are not easily grinded by the plastic grinding machine, then the impurities will be discharged as a slag, resulting in a decline in yield.

Then there is the size of the material particle size. The feeding particles will make the material grinding longer, and the power consumption that requires the fineness to be grinded to the specified fineness is greater and the production efficiency is small. When the feeding particles are too large, it will also cause the grinding machine to block and the mouth of the material. This blockage will extend the grinding time, which will also reduce production efficiency.

Finally, the fineness of the required materials. When the fineness of the material is high, the longer the time required for grinding materials, the less the amount of the powder selection machine, the lower the production efficiency.

In order to improve the working efficiency of the grinding machine, the performance of the material will also have a great effect on the performance of the grinding machine, so choosing the appropriate material can also improve the work efficiency of the plastic pulverizer.