Ultra Fine Plastic Mill Pulverizer Plastic Grinding Machine


With the development of the plastics industry, the role of ultra-fine plastic mill plastic grinding machines in the plastics industry has become more and more important. According to the processing principle, ultra-fine plastic grinders can be divided into two types: split-rotor (turbine) ultra-fine plastic grinders and ultra-fine plastic grinders. These two types of plastic mills are usually found in the usual plastic processing plants.

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The grinding principle of the ultra-fine plastic mill is similar to the traditional grinding principle in China’s ancient times, applied in the field of plastic grinding, with less energy consumption and high output, grinding materials for PVC, PE, PC, PA, ABS and other materials without calcium powder, but also for rubber, plant fiber and other materials. Wanrooetech in the design of the grinding disc structure, from the early two circles of the tooth disc to a circle of tooth disc, in the development to double-sided tooth disc, gradually improve the wear resistance, but also improve the output.

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The main components of the ultra-fine plastic mill are the main machine, motor, cutter and grinding disc, shut-off fan, induced fan, automatic feeder, vibrating screen, cyclone separator, dust removal device, electric control box, cooling pipe, etc. Users can choose flexibly according to the situation.
The design of the grinding disc, high output and strong wear resistance are the major features of the ultra-fine plastic mill.
The main two measures of the ultra-fine plastic mill are two.

1, the stripping and scraping rate. Ultra-fine plastic mill in the processing of materials, the tool intercepts the material under the mill to determine. The stronger the crushing effect of the mill on the material, the higher the stripping rate, the corresponding flat sieve coarse sieve on the number of less, and the number of slag, heart, the powder will be more.

2, Take the powder rate
The determination and calculation method of taking powder rate is similar to the stripping rate, the difference is that the test sieve surface needs to use the corresponding flat sieve powder sieve surface, the sieve under the object b for powder, sieve on the object a for other products, the measured data bit mill
The measured data is the content of the powder in the lower object, that is, the rate of taking the powder. If the product is a high-grade flour, powder sieve with a denser screen, the test sieve time should be properly extended. Measurement of the same process in each channel ultra-fine plastic grinding machine to take the rate, the test sieve time should be consistent. In the production of the high-grade powder-based milling process, the former road core mill to get the powder rate is generally 30%-40%, while the latter road core mill to get the powder rate will be lower than this value. Input-output analysis is a major criterion for measuring the ultra-fine plastic mill.