Vertical Plastic Mill Grinder Pulverizer Machine


Vertical Plastic Mill Grinder Pulverizer Machine:
Vertical plastic mill with double disc is widely used in plastic, rubber, chemical industry and so on. It is a good helper for manufacturers to reduce costs, save expenses, recycle plastic, save costs and reduce energy consumption.
In view of the plastic mill users in the purchase of equipment, do not know the components of the plastic mill and the working performance of each component, our company’s technical staff divided all the process into different stages for the general user reference and reading.

Vertical Plastic Mill Grinder Pulverizer Machine Video:

1. Plastic Pulverizer Body box
The body is the whole frame of the equipment, which is welded by carbon steel. The grinder box is finished by the inner boring machine after welding by carbon steel or stainless steel, and the parallelism and perpendicularity are corrected.

2. The milling chamber
Flour indoor installation with fixed and moving plate, plate blade material for high winding steel casting and become, according to the different models with the different number of the blade, after of dynamic and static balance test, double blade, mill spiral distributed evenly, can be scattered material force, shear force, high-speed high quality mill can be used repeatedly after a quick and easy replacement and high efficiency, high yield and simple to use and adjust a millstone Long service life.

3. Milling and feeding part
Feeding mode adopts electromagnetic vibration feeder, uniform feeding, stable current, ultra-current protection device.

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4. Transmission part
The main shaft adopts bearing steel tempering and tempering treatment, with high processing accuracy and smooth operation under high speed. There are 3 special bearings for imported grinding machines, equipped with an automatic lubricating oil refueling device. European pulley is installed on the main shaft and motor, and SPB belt is used to transfer, easy to disassemble.

5. Air supply system and cooling system
The whole machine adopts the high quality design of air cooling and water cooling double cooling, cooling fast, time, good effect, long time running without heating, material conveying pipeline is made of 304 stainless steel,
The fine powder after grinding material is taken into the vibrating screen for sorting with the circulating air of the blower. The fine and coarse materials fall back to regrinding. The qualified fine powder is entered into the finished product storage device with the cyclone and discharged through the powder tube, which is the finished product. In indoor by grinding mill material has certain moisture content, when grinding heat production, moisture evaporation, and the pipeline-interface is not tight, the air is sucked into the outside world, make the circulation pressure, guarantee the millwork under a negative pressure condition, the increase of gas flow through the ductwork into dust catcher, purify the back into the atmosphere through the pulse dust collector.

6. Sorting and finished product packaging
Automatic feeding and discharging machine can produce 10-60 mesh coarse powder by adding special device. After high-pressure mill began to work within the host, roller around the spindle rotates, and under the dual role of high-pressure spring and centrifugal force, close to the rotation of ring, its rotation pressure than the same power under the condition of the high mill, so the production is greatly improved, all abrasive materials through circular vibrating screen grading, 8-120 mesh according to the requirements of users are free to switch, There are elastic balls in the screen to make the material flow well, not blocking the material, the number of coarse material through the return pipe fall back to regrinding, qualified material through the cyclone discharge into the finished material bin.