Vertical Plastic Pulverizer Machine Cleaning Method And Maintenance


Cleaning method and maintenance of vertical plastic pulverizer
Mastering the correct cleaning method is an important measure to reduce cleaning time, improve production efficiency, avoid parts damage and improve the service life of the equipment.
Precautions before the vertical plastic pulverizer machine
First cut off the power supply. 2 It is forbidden to wash the machine with water
Mastering the correct cleaning method is an important measure and means to improve the service life and reliable operation of equipment.

Before cleaning the vertical plastic pulverizer, first of all, screw out the bolt of the end cover of the discharge device, take out the core of the discharge device, and after the cover is covered, turn on the power and start the induced draft fan to clean the vertical plastic pulverizer. The procedure is as follows:
Clean the main and auxiliary grinding mill, clean it with pure air source, the dust will be sucked into the dust removal frame by an induced draft fan, the powder adhered to the main and auxiliary grinding mill should be wiped with acetone or water, and the inner surface of the main and auxiliary grinding mill must be kept smooth and clean.
Regular repair and maintenance is an important measure to improve the service life and reliable operation of equipment.
Maintenance of vertical plastic pulverizer
When the machine is maintained, the power must be cut off first.

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2 cleaning of cyclone sieve
A. First, connect the discharge device to the flange interface, and seal it well with A flat carton shell or stainless steel plate under the action of the inlet wind. Clean the powder in the sieve with pure air source (no oil and no water).
B. Removing and cleaning the blade frame of the cyclone screen
Remove the screen leaf. Once in, use a wrench to lock the cap nut. Another person can push the screen leaf out by turning the motor handle counterclockwise.
3 cleaning of cyclone separator
A remove the baffle at the flange interface of the discharge device and clean the powder on the inner wall of the cyclone separator with pure air source, or it is recommended to use the high-power bucket vacuum cleaner in the hotel to remove the powder adhered to the inner wall.
B Remove the connecting part of the upper part of the cyclone separator and clean it thoroughly after taking it out.
4 Cleaning the dust removal cabinet
· When cleaning the dust removal cabinet, first shut down the induced draft fan and cut off the power supply.
· Remove the attached powder on the dust bag during the process of the cleaner. Then, open the recycling powder discharge valve, and check the powder discharge after cleaning up:
A Check whether the binding places of the dust bag are not tight.
B Close the discharge valve and seal it tightly. Cover the discharging mouth with a plastic bag and seal it twice with self-adhesive tape to ensure no air leakage.
C Clean the dust at the seal of the dust removal door to ensure a good seal when closing.
5 each time after the whole machine is cleaned, we must carry out leak inspection, use candle method (open fire method) to strictly check the connection position of each part of the installation, whether there is leakage phenomenon, to ensure the normal work of the equipment.
Chapter v Maintenance and Maintenance
Regular repair and maintenance is an important measure to improve the service life and reliable operation of equipment.
Vertical plastic pulverizer repair and maintenance, mainly the main machine repair and maintenance.
1 matters needing attention during maintenance
· Power must be cut off first.
· Before the maintenance of the main engine, the materials in the crushing room must be cleaned first. Keep the bearing part clean to avoid contamination of bearing grease.
· When bearings are damaged and replaced, it is recommended to replace all bearings and skeleton oil seals at one time.
· When disassembling the main shaft and auxiliary grinding (blade wheel shaft) of the grinding disc, it is strictly prohibited to use metal devices to knock and collision in order to maintain the precision of the machine parts
The relative motion (channeling) of the grinding disc and the grinding disc spindle, the graded impeller and the auxiliary grinding shaft are not allowed.
2 pairs of grinding shaft and bearing replacement
Removing the v-belt, loosen nut and shaft with the retaining ring, establish a pulley extractor (also called Lamar) respectively impeller and pulley, living wrench unscrew the millstone lock nut counterclockwise, with a screwdriver to unscrew the impeller shaft lock nut on the nail wire, wire (left) under the clockwise rotation, take out the skeleton oil seal, with the circlip pliers to take down the hole with the retaining ring. Use non-ferrous metal or wooden block to support the blade wheel shaft (auxiliary grinding shaft) of the pulley end. The secondary grinding shaft and bearing can be replaced by knocking out the secondary grinding shaft with the shank from bottom to top.
Points for attention in bearing installation:
1 choose imported bearings or domestic C class bearings.
2 Clean the bearing with kerosene before installation.
3 Use foreign SKF high-temperature grease, temperature range (-30-120°C).
4 Use domestic high-temperature grease brand: 70 1 4 1 L, temperature range (-40-120°C)

3 main grinding shaft and bearing replacement
Remove the two sets of triangle belts, loosen the nut, remove the classification impeller with the belt pulley extractor, screw out the bolt to take the main grinding assembly out from the grinding body, and put it on the vise for disassembly and assembly.
First, remove the shaft with a retaining ring, pulley, unscrew the impeller shaft lock nut on the nail wire (locking nail), remove the shaft with a retaining ring, pulley, remove the bolt and remove the grinding shaft end cover, remove the millstone lock nut, with a special protective tube (holes) sets into the grinding shaft, with a non-ferrous metal pad top, tap on a protective tube, will take off, plastic pulverizer shaft end cover, With non-ferrous metal or wood pad main grinding shaft at the lower end, knocked from the bottom to the top, take out the auxiliary grinding shaft, can replace the main grinding shaft and bearing.
Matters needing attention when assembling the millstone
First load the grinding disc adjusting pad, and then put the grinding disc on the main grinding shaft.
Use special protective cylinder (big hole end) to cover main grinding shaft.
3 with non-ferrous metal or wood block, cushion the upper end of the protective cylinder, moderate force percussion, the grinding disc installed on the main grinding shaft.
4. Replacement of crushing pin
When badly worn crushing pins need to be replaced:
It must be replaced in pairs in symmetrical positions to ensure the static and dynamic balance of the grinding disc shafting. If all replacement is required, it is required
Static balance and dynamic balance should be checked.
5 repair of classifier
When the blade of the classifier is broken and repaired, it is copied with green shell paper or thin paper to serve as the template of the blade. Then the damaged impeller disc is processed in the damaged part of the milling machine. The blade material is stainless steel (1GRl 8N i9T I), and the diameter is 3.2
Stainless steel electrode, the blade is firmly welded on the impeller plate, the welding is on the lathe or with the money wheel grinding, the repaired graded impeller must be static balance and dynamic balance detection.
6 Regular maintenance
The first oil change time of the feeder and feeding deceleration motor is 300 working hours, and the oil change time is every 1000 hours after that. The model of the grease is: imported model is Nbu 15, which belongs to compound soap-based grease. Domestic models: No. 2 precision machine tool spindle grease or No. 3 high-speed grinding head bearing grease.