Why does the plastic pulverizing machine have sticky knife


The material ground in the stable working condition of the vertical plastic pulverizing machine should be equal to the material discharged from the mill. For some reason (particle size becomes large, the feeding volume becomes large, etc.) that the amount of material given to the mill becomes large, more than plastic pulverizing machine itself allows the ability to pass and can not be discharged, gradually accumulate in the plastic pulverizing machine, the temperature rises, the melting point of the material becomes low, is the plastic pulverizing machine to lose the grinding role, thus appearing sticky knife phenomenon.

Plastic pulverizing machine sticky knife harm mainly has several aspects, not only make grinding lost to the plastic grinding role, grinding capacity is reduced, destroying the stable work of grinding and dealing with sticky knife will also give the subsequent operation caused by the quality score and fineness of the mesh fluctuations, affecting the normal conduct of the sorting operation. In addition, the serious sticky knife will lead to damage to the mill.

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For example, the grinding disc type PE mill sticky knife serious, large pieces of plastic and building materials crushed material will be spit out from the feed port and discharge port, only into the follow-up no finished material back; knife disc type PVC mill is a large number of entrained lumps from the feed port pour out, especially when the closed plastic pulverizing machine work, both mills will make a large amount of material and back into the grinding disc chamber, resulting in large pieces of material in the grinding disc chamber strong impact This will damage the cutter and spindle, causing the blade to fall off or the rotor and spindle fixing screw to be deformed or broken, destroying the concentricity of the grinding chamber and the spindle, and seriously causing the mill to vibrate or jump violently, and the bearing will be damaged by the impact load.

Therefore, in the operation of the plastic pulverizing machine is to be sure to follow the correct operating procedures and steps to avoid the occurrence of sticky knife failure.