Working principle of PVC plastic pulverizer mill machine


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PVC plastic pulverizer mill is a series of turbo-type plastic mills. The mill has the characteristics of high output and low energy consumption and is widely used in the rubber and plastic industry. PVC plastic pulverizer mill is an ideal equipment for processing and milling thermoplastic plastics. It can mill PVC, PVC pipes, PVC profiles, PVC floors, SPC floors and other materials for powder processing.

working principle:
The basic principle of the PVC pulverizer is that the cutter head is driven by the spindle equipped with precision bearings. Under the drive of the cutter head, the movable knife rotates at a high speed and is tangent to the fixed knife, so that the incoming materials will collide and grind strongly. Powdery, through the combination of wind and water cooling, the crushing temperature of the material is effectively controlled to ensure that the quality of the crushed material will not change. The automatic feeding, automatic discharging and automatic sorting system are configured to greatly reduce the labor intensity. The entire milling process is fully enclosed, and there is no dust leakage. When changing materials and cleaning, only need to open the door cover to maintain. The start of the PVC pulverizer adopts star-delta mode to start, which reduces the motor starting current.

●The PVC mill adopts a new type of cutter structure, which improves the output and overcomes the characteristics of the bottom of the PE output and the coarse powder.
●The PVC mill has high output, fine milling, energy-saving and environmental protection.
●The PVC mill is easy to install and maintain, and it can be cleaned by opening the door.
●The entire plastic grinding process of the PVC mill is fully sealed, and there is no dust pollution.
●The powder size of the PVC mill is adjustable from 10 to 120 meshes, and it is easy to adjust.
●The cooling system of the PVC pulverizer and plastic pulverizer adopts wind and water combined cooling.
●High-quality wear-resistant steel cutters for PVC mills, with high output and good wear resistance.
●The PVC mill is a fully automatic and continuous operation.
●The PVC mill has a compact structure and a small footprint.
●The all-steel structure of the PVC pulverizer is integrated, which is stable and reliable.
●The closed design of the PVC mill uses its own air volume and pressure to collect the prepared powder without dust leakage.
●The humanized knife adjustment of the PVC mill, the design concept, and the adjustment of the fixed knife gap only takes a moment and is easy.
●The PVC mill is easy to maintain and clean.