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WANROOETECH is a China professional plastic pulverizing/micronizing systems manufacturer, is your solution provider for customizable systems and integrated solutions in process technology
for the polymer, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. We mainly produce plastic recycling shredder crusher pulverizer machinery,
including Plastic Pulverizer, PVC Pulverizer, Masterbatch Pulverizer, Rotomolding Pulverizer, PP PE Pulverizer,Laboratory Pulverizer,Rubber Pulverizer,
Cryogenic Pulverizer, Food Pulverizer, Stainless Steel Pulverizer, Pulverizer Blade, etc.
WANROOETECH offers a wide range of waste plastic recycling pulverizing solutions, Excellent for Grinding Rigid & Soft PVC, LLDP, PE, EVA, TPU, PA, PS, PC, PA66, HDPE, PP, plastic scrap, aluminum plastic medicine board, plastic resins, plastic pipe, fiberglass, EVA plastic shoes sarap, plastic flakes, plastic film, wood SPC plastic floor,rubber tire, food, chinese medicine, etc.
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Wanrooe pulverizers have been in the size-reduction business since 2000. We have over 20 years of fabricating experience. We design, engineer, manufacture and service pulverizing/micronizing systems. In short, we help our customers make finer, higher-quality powders from polymers and other materials.For different recycling requirements, we offer plastic pulverizing systems to make your recycling easier...

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