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WANROOETECH is a China professional plastic recycling machine manufacturer, is your solution provider for customizable systems and integrated solutions in process technology
for the polymer, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. We mainly produce plastic recycling shredder crusher pulverizer machinery,
including Plastic Pulverizer, PVC Pulverizer, Masterbatch Pulverizer, Rotomolding Pulverizer, PP PE Pulverizer,Laboratory Pulverizer,Rubber Pulverizer,
Cryogenic Pulverizer, Food Pulverizer, Stainless Steel Pulverizer, Pulverizer Blade, etc.
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WANROOETECH – Recycling specialist for the plastics industry we specialize not only in machines and systems for the treatment of waste in the plastics-processing industry and the treatment of used, mixed and contaminated plastics but also in the pulverization of plastic granulates and waste. In addition to this, our machines are used in numerous other applications in waste treatment, raw materials recovery and material preparation for various industrial processes...

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